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Straight Fire

Becky Lynch has been on fire since her debut in EBWF. The young LassKicker from Dublin, Ireland has been a force to be reckoned with, managing to remain undefeated so far. It’s only a matter of time before she will likely find herself in the title picture.


Alexa Bliss shockingly attacked the Women's GM, Angelina Love, while Love had her back turned to Bliss. Alexa kicked Angelina in the back of the head, before slamming her into the steel steps. She would then add insult to injury by placing a brown paper bag over Love's head. A throwback to the way Angelina used to handle things when she was still an active competitor in the ring. What does this mean for Alexa Bliss? Be sure to tune into Warfare to find out what happens next!

New Queen

Summerslam did not disappoint! The ladies of EBWF tore the house down in the first ever Queen of the Mountain match, which was originally a match booked by new Women's GM, Angelina Love, in order to solve the controversy over not having a Queen of the Ring. Zahra Schreiber beat the odds and managed to retain her title and was officially crowned the new Queen of EBWF.


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Alexa Bliss is one of the most tenacious women in the EBWF locker room today. She has managed to stay in the title picture all year, refusing to give up on her quest to be Women's Champion once more. Despite a long feud with former stable mates, Zahra Schreiber and Liv Morgan, Alexa has managed to find a way to finally get her one on one title match at Fanniversary.. provided she remains on her best behavior.


Alexa Bliss

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Rumor has it....

- Zelina Vega could be considering becoming jimmy havoc's manager, potentially leaving Royalty in the dust.

- ebwf has been trying to work out a contract with maryse the past few weeks and may be close to signing a deal.

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